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Nightingale Academy

Manor Junior School

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School Values

  • Friendship
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Determination
  • Inspiration
  • Courage
  • Equality

Year 3

Guidance on home learning from Mr Sammes

(Taken from letter dated 27.03.2020)



I have attached a timetable that we are following in school with the children of key workers. It is merely a guide to demonstrate what we are doing, there is no expectation for you to follow it or attempt to use it in any way.


Please do not feel under pressure to home school/teach the National Curriculum! We will resume the teaching of this when we are all reunited.


What we are encouraging you to do is to establish routines with your children and plan a range of ‘learning’ activities with them. Where possible, keep the activities practical and interspersed with breaks and physical activities. We also acknowledge that many of you may also be trying to work from home and therefore your daily plan may need to take account of this too.


Key Tips:

1. Establish clear, consistent daily routines and expectations

2. Have a plan of the activities the children will be undertaking during the day

3. Try and participate with/alongside your children

4. Keep it fun

5. Break up the activities regularly/as needed to keep the children interested (they do not need to complete everything in one go)

6. Use this opportunity to work on basic skills such as, learning to tell the time, how to tie shoelaces or the key spellings (in the planner). Further ideas can be found on the school website and in the letter given by our parent support worker last week

7. Try to read/share books and have a daily story time (resources and videos are being uploaded all the time)

8. Encourage the children to do some research on themes of their choice but allow time to produce some type of outcome (poster, story, drawing, collage, play) etc

9. Build in opportunities for physical activity (in school we are using the Joe Wicks daily workout and are uploading these videos to our website)


Just remember, keep to the routines that work for you, do not put unnecessary pressure on yourselves and just talk and engage with your children and try to have fun.