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Nightingale Academy

Manor Junior School

Enjoy, Learn, Achieve


School Values

  • Friendship
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Determination
  • Inspiration
  • Courage
  • Equality

Y6 Reviews


"My favourite part about PGL was the teamwork in the activities. For example in the giant swing your friends pull a rope to make you go higher until you say stop and then you pull a string and, well, you swing!  You also use teamwork in an activity called the crate challenge where you are attached to a harness and your friends, and yourself, build a tower out of crates and try to get the highest! The last one is called the sensory trail. In this activity you have some goggles on and you and all of your friends can't see whilst there is someone at the front alerting people behind what is going on." Lucas, 6B


"My favourite part of PGL was aeroball because you got to play basketball (which I love) but what was even better was that it was played on trampolines. I thought it was really fun and you could jump really high to score in the other persons goal. I also liked the sensory trail because you were blind folded and had to go under, through and over things. There were also ropes hanging down from the trees and everyone thought they were snakes!" Olivia M, 6B


"I had a great time at PGL - it was a blast! I loved all the activities but one of them stood out. My favourite activity was vertical challenge. I really enjoyed this exercise because it really tested my ability of how I could climb. I also enjoyed this activity for it was a very difficult task. The best thing about it was the feeling of accomplishment of getting to the top - it felt great! I had a bird’s eye view of everything and it was the best task at PGL." Oscar, 6B


"My favourite part of PGL was aeroball because you were against other people and if you were not the person playing, you kept hold of the other person's score." Caitlin, 6B


"My favourite part about PGL was Jacob's ladder because you had to work together and help each other get to the top by pulling on other people's ropes." Sam, 6B


"My favourite activity at PGL was the abseiling. It did not look high from the ground but when you got up there and saw how high it actually was , it looked very high! I did not want to do it at first but when the staff helped me and told me it would be fine I jumped down the tower and I loved it, it felt like I was a spy." Theo, 6B


"PGL was so fun and we all loved the activities. My favourite was the giant swing as it went so high but some people didn’t like it and screamed!" Jaydon, 6B


"My favourite part of PGL was Jacob's ladder because you got to climb a big ladder and every time the gap got higher it got further apart . I got up to the second rung. When you have to get off, there is a rope that people hold you to get down - it was very fun!" Olivia L, 6B


"Abseiling is an activity that you climb on top of a tower and you come down on a rope. I was very scared but when I decided to go down, it was good fun. Some people found it scary but if you try and go down, it is very entertaining but it does takes a lot of courage." Kyle, 6B