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Stone Age Boy - Diary Extracts - Year 3

Dear Diary,


Today I time warped on a mysterious adventure to a world I had never seen before, the stone age. There were stone age people and I met a new friend called Om. She looked different and she showed me her campsite. It looked really weird because there were no two layer houses, only tents made from animal skin. 


I learnt how to strike a flint stone to make fire and this was my favourite thing. It wasn’t that easy because you had to strike one particular spot to get it right. They used sharp flint to cut clothes and they sewed with bones acting as needles. 


I got to see them fish and hunt with spears then watched them skin and cook the meat. They also cut and dried the meat so it could last longer. 


Om and I then went to a cave and she started painting a picture of me on the rocky walls. There were other animals like wooly mammoths and deers on the walls. Then I heard something moving around at the back of the cave. Suddenly a huge big fuzzy bear jumped out at me so I started running and shouted to Om to RUN  AWAY!! I fell to the floor and found myself falling through another time warp forward in time instead.


I really enjoyed my adventure today and meeting Om was amazing. I hope I get to go back to the stone age again and see everyone again.


Good night and I’ll write again soon. 


Dear diary,


Today I went back to the stone age somehow! I made a new friend and her name was Om. Om taught me lots of stone age skills like making fire by stiking flint sones together. Then we went fishing, we caught a massive fish, it was bigger than my head! Om showed me how to dry the fish by hanging it on a wooden rack. Then Om took me to her favourite place, A cave. Inside the cave were lots of beautiful paintings of animals. The cave was dark so I was a bit scared. We heard a scary noise coming from the shadows, A nose poked out of the dark. I was terrified! A pair of glaring eyes were staring at us. We both screamed. “A BEAR!!!” I almost had a HEART ATTACK but I had to be brave for OM. I felt a crumbling under my feet, the floor collapsed underneath us! Then I woke up……. In a different cave. I ran outside to find OM but she was gone. The world was back to normal.



Dear diary


On Monday Om showed me into a dark, dark cave. I followed Om inside the cave, it was so colourful. I thought the paintings were running all around me. Next, Om ran over to a wall made out of rock and drawed a picture of me. Then I saw a dark, black shadow. It is a bear! Suddenly the bear woke up. He must have heard us talking! Our screams were sooooo loud it echoed. Me and Om were so scared of the bear that our legs were trembling as we ran away! We are never going back to that cave again! 



Dear Diary,


Today, I went on an adventure. I met a new friend called Om. She was from the stone age. 

She showed me all about life in the stone age and how her family lived.

She showed me around the camp and they fed me stew. We had fun.

She also showed me around the caves and we saw the most amazing paintings but we also saw a bear. This made me very scared and frightened.

By the time I got home, I was very happy to see my family again. My family didn't believe me, and said it must have been a dream. I really believe this happened and would like to go back there some day.

I enjoyed my day.


Dear diary,


Today was an amazing day because I went into the past and made a new friend. Her name is Om.  


We had lots of fun. We had a party with a roaring fire, amazing music, tasty deer and good dancing.  I had a great time and I loved it!


I taught Om how to play the air guitar and she taught me how to play the flute. 


The reason we had a party was because we had killed a deer.  We made deer soup out of the leftover food.


That all happened in the stone age.


Bye for now.


Dear Diary, 


Today was the scariest day of my life, I nearly fainted! Me and my friend, Om went into our favourite cave. We wanted to paint on the walls but suddenly I saw a furious and enormous cave bear. I was frightened. I screamed louder than a roaring lion, “AHHHHH!!!!!”. The bear had sharp claws like a knife and pointy teeth ready to eat me and Om. I was shocked to see such a big bear, I felt so small like an ant. I put my arms up to protect Om from the scary brown monster. The sweat started to drip down my face as the cave bear roared. I was trying to get away from the bear and that is when I felt myself falling down and down and down. It was just blackness around me, I couldn't see anything…... 


After falling, I found myself back to the present, back to my own world. I felt so upset, it felt like I was crying rivers. Also, I felt cold and lonely  because Om had disappeared. I don’t know what to do! I miss her so much. I hope I can see her again, she was my only true friend. I want to find that bear again and defeat him. I am stronger!


The Stone Age boy   (xoxox)



Dear Dairy,


I had a wonderful day, I met a new friend she was called Om. Kindly, she introduced me to the family, they were very kind. Om showed me around the camp, I tried an activity but it was really hard. She said “you don't have enough experience”. We followed the men to the lake, to catch some fish but a man whispered “look there is a horse over there, we have dinner sorted then ” they were creeping up on the horse, then they all fired their sharp and pointy spears. After a few hours, they arrived home with a dead horse on their back. We had a party and I joined in with the air guitar, then we went to bed.



Dear diary.


I was on a walk and I tripped over a log that was laying on the ground.  I suddenly felt myself falling down deeper than I've ever fallen. I woke up and all I saw was darkness. I got up and I could see a tiny bit of land. So I walked out of that horrible cave and I saw a girl who looked unusual and not someone I’ve seen before and I probably don’t look normal to her either. She took a quick look at me and said come with me. She took me to her family and they were very kind and handed me a bowl of stew. They looked very strange and I couldn’t understand a word they were saying. I did find out that the girl's name is Om.  

Then I must have fallen asleep. The next morning I woke up and Om showed me around the camp but everyone seemed very busy and had a job to do. Over the next few days I saw so many exciting things I'd never seen before.  Om’s family had no knives and forks, no plastic and no metal even. All the things they had were made out of wood, stone, animal skins or bones.



Dear Diary,


When I was walking today I met a strange looking girl. She was wearing animal skin all over, even her shoes and bag were made from animal skin and bones.

We made friends and the girl took me back to her campsite. It was full of very strange looking people.

I must have fallen asleep.

It was the next day.

I could not understand what they were saying, but I worked out my new friend's name was Om.

One of the most exciting things was learning how Om’s family lived.

I learnt to make fire by using flint and rubbing sticks. The fire must have been to keep them warm and to cook their food on. They had these very strange stick things that they hung fish and meat on. I even learnt how to throw a spear and grill meat.

It was time to go home, I had a fun experience. It was so cool.


Love me, the boy.


Dear diary,


This afternoon Om and I went to the river. We watched the men fish with their spears. One of the men throw their spear like lightning at the reindeer and brought it down to the ground. The men carried the reindeer back to the camp. They cooked it for dinner and had a party. We had a big campfire. Om danced around the fire and I played the air guitar. At the party I felt happy but i didn't understand anything they were saying.



Dear diary 


Today Om and I saw an amazing cave and there were a lot of paintings on the walls. When I saw all of the paintings I was amazed! Om said I could try and draw my own pictures on the wall. I was so excited to try this.


As we were drawing we heard a growl in the distance. I started to shiver and I felt scared so I turned around slowly to see what was making the noise. I was speechless as we saw a bear in the distance.  We could not move. A few minutes later the bear was in the cave! I shouted to Om to run! Just as Om got out of the cave I fell into a hole. When I woke up Om was gone and the bear was gone as well. I saw a light in the distance and walked to it. I realized that I was home. I felt sad but happy to be home. When I grow up I want to be an archeologist!