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Nightingale Academy

Manor Junior School

Enjoy, Learn, Achieve


School Values

  • Friendship
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Determination
  • Inspiration
  • Courage
  • Equality

Sports Awards 2019

We were delighted that the following members of the school were nominated at the annual Rushmoor and Hart Sports Awards.



Nominee name and year group

Reason for nomination (Maximum 100 words)

Exceptional Team of the Year

A TEAM that has shown excellence within PE/School Sport. It is not only about winning, but also about participating, making a commitment to progress against personal goals, striving to be and to do their best in life


Year 4 Golf Team


Manor’s golf team made an incredible journey over a short space of time to go from absolute beginners in golf to representing Rushmoor at county level! Willing to learn, keen to play and dedicated to improve, they have shown an exceptional rate of progression and an unprecedented team ethos in the competition to go and win the local area tournament and then come third in the county at the Hampshire Games. They have worked hard to go above and beyond the high standard needed to compete at the level required and are an absolute pleasure to work with and watch play.

Year 4 Multi-Skills


Manor’s multi-skills team is comprised of children with all levels of abilities and learning needs. They came together for the multi-skills festival and instantly gelled as a team to win the competition. To win, they had to impress the Leaders of the event by consistently showing all the School Games values (teamwork, self belief, respect, passion, honesty and determination) as they completed sporting challenges. During the Hampshire Games, they demonstrated these values to the highest level which culminated in them winning the gold medal and becoming the champions of Hampshire. These children truly are ambassadors and are an absolute credit to themselves, the school and Hampshire through the values they exhibited.

Badminton Team (Year 6 )

The current Manor Badminton team have been striving to improve since they were in year 5. They have been attending a club in order to improve their game-play in badminton and all their hard work and determination has paid off this year. The Team ended up representing Rushmoor at the County Finals where they did exceptionally well against very talented opposition. They have inspired the whole school, whether it be taking up the sport or excelling at it, and we now have more badminton played at lunch times as a result of their performance.


An INDIVIDUAL that has shown dedication to their role as an ambassador for school sport and by doing so has made a positive contribution to the school community


Merryn (Year 6)

Merryn is known for giving up her time to ensure positive outcomes for others, whether this be organising events or helping others in events. She is very unassuming and always puts others first. She will often give up her lunch times to guarantee that other children can do activities in order for them to have fun. She is a good thinker and is always showing leadership qualities, even outside her allotted time. The lower school have particularly noticed Merryn, with her caring nature, to ensure they feel part of the school community. Merryn is simply an exceptional leader who always leads by example, never gets despondent and always completes everything with a lovely warm smile on her face.

Fair Play

An INDIVIDUAL OR TEAM that has shown fair play, sportsmanship and spirit of sport during PE/School Sport and competition. They show respect for themselves, for rules and regulations, engage in fair play and fight against unethical behaviour



Michael (Year 6)

Michael is continuously noticed by all staff for the friendship value he shows to all. He spreads equality across all he does, whether this is during playtime, allowing others to have equal opportunities, or during actual sporting events where he has often given up his place in a team so that other children can benefit from the experience. Michael is an exemplary house captain (after being voted in by fellow children), always recognising the good in others and being an inspirational role model. Michael goes out of his way to make sure others are happy and always displays an exceptional high level of fair play in every sport he does, he has an exceptional high regard for others and always puts everyone else above his own needs.



Nominee name and year group

Reason (please keep to no more than no more than 100 words)

Determination & Courage

An INDIVIDUAL who has shown determination  and courage to improve or succeed to achieve their goal, to overcome obstacles and to conquer adversity, pushing oneself beyond expectations and accomplishing the unexpected


Connor (Year 4)

Connor always gives his best in whatever sport he participates in. He has represented the school on numerous occasions in a wide variety of sports and does so with the courage to try new things.  He has a fabulous attitude to improve by setting himself high goals and he is highly determined to overcome obstacles due to his hearing impairment. He always tries to encourage others to achieve their best as well, and is often praised for his honesty and the courage he gives others to attempt new challenges.


An INDIVIDUAL ADULT OR COACH who has shown inspiration and commitment in leadership as part of the school community. Someone who has inspired others through PE/School Sport, applying their personal affection for sport to enthuse others


Nick Dent (Teacher)

Nick is always willing to give up his time to help children have the experience to sporting events against other schools, often jumping in at the last minute to help get team members to events. He has led participants of the after school badminton club to represent the area at county level through his weekly club, and he has been instrumental in their success and also inspired them to take up the sport! Without his support this year, Manor would not have been part of some events.

Exceptional Sportsperson of the Year

An INDIVIDUAL who has shown excellence within PE/School Sport or excelled in sport outside of school, possibly representing their borough, county or even country