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Nightingale Academy

Manor Junior School

Enjoy, Learn, Achieve


School Values

  • Friendship
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Determination
  • Inspiration
  • Courage
  • Equality

School Learning and Activities (during lockdown)

Year 3 Artwork

Year 3 Camouflage

Year 4 Artwork

Year 4 Cooking - Bread and Sausage Rolls

Year 4 Volcanoes

Mrs Mawer asked Year 5 & 6 to carry out a photo challenge.  The task was to take photos within the school grounds using the iPads but to do it from different angles. Look through the slideshow above to see some of the shots that were taken. Some of the children have also edited their photos, see the slideshow below.

Year 5 Artwork - Andy Warhol

Year 5 Artwork - Self Potrait

Year 5 - Jackson Pollock

Mrs Mawer and the Year 5 pod have looked at the work of Jackson Pollock and had a go at creating their own version on a smaller scale. They also contributed to a collaborative group piece, adhering to social distancing! Find more information about this artist below.