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Manor Junior School

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School Values

  • Friendship
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Determination
  • Inspiration
  • Courage
  • Equality

Home Learning and Activities (during lockdown)

We know that lots of children have been very busy completing home learning and carrying out activities while they have not been able to attend school. Thank you to those that have sent photographs and pictures - some of which we have tried to include below. These could be used to inspire you to do something similar or just a chance to see what your friends have been up to!

Libby (5G) has been drawing animals from photographs she has on her phone.
Isabel (6H) has completed a comprehension about Fabergé eggs and has designed her own.
Vincent (4B) has been very busy helping to make dinner at home. He's also a keen baker - making  banana bread, birthday cakes & cupcakes as well as lots of batches of dough to use for bread, pizza bases and Himalayan mountain bread. In addition to this, he's picked dandelions and used them to make dandelion honey and picked nettles to make nettle tea. He has also made a bullroarer which he tested during his daily walk with his dog.

Lyra (5N) has set her own challenge for the pupils of Manor Junior School.


"Hi, I'm Lyra. You may know me from class 5N or you might have just spoken to me in the hallways. I'm an arty person and like drawing manga (Japanese comics ) a lot. I have made a word search and a crossword for you to enjoy and I have done it as school work. It is about Harry Potter and some of the clues are quite hard but if you are a true fan of Harry Potter then you will find it easy. I am quite a big fan of Harry potter anyway so making this was as fun as you will find doing it. I hope that you enjoy this and that maybe it will inspire you to get creative too."


Step 1: Complete the crossword.

Step 2: Use the answers from the crossword to find the words in the word search.



Emily (5G) has been busy making a game on Scratch. Follow the link below to check it out!
Emily (5G) has also made a word search for people to enjoy!

Mrs Blissett's Computing Challenge: Animated Scratch Names


We've started to see some responses to Mrs Blissett's computing challenge. If you need a reminder of what the challenge is, head to the teacher challenge pages. Otherwise, check out the links below!

Harry (4F) has really enjoyed Mrs Blissett's computing challenge and would like everyone to take a look at it. Harry asks that if you enjoyed it, press the heart button to like it.
Bethany (6B) has also taken on Mrs Blissett's computing challenge and has animated her name. Check it out below!
Anish (6B) has also animated his name with a letter playing music and another changing colour! Check it out below!
Jesse (4B) has been busy with some creative home projects.
Sophie (5N) has taken on Mrs Mawer's Van Gogh challenge and has created her own version of a masterpiece! If you'd like to look at the original challenge, please follow the link to the teacher challenges below.
Ethan (3T) has been doing some performance poetry work based around the poet Brian Moses. He has made this video and was keen to share it!

IMG_2430 Ethan Knight.mp4

Still image for this video