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Nightingale Academy

Manor Junior School

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School Values

  • Friendship
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Determination
  • Inspiration
  • Courage
  • Equality

English work - Year 4

The children were asked to continue the story and write the next part of the chapter...


Writing the next part of the Chapter (Edward Tulane)


It was a relief to reach a forest and see some greenery. The air felt so much fresher and cleaner. Edward and Bryce were exhausted, but the forest looked so enchanting they couldn't wait to get inside. All around them, mysterious, dark trees that looked as high as the sky. Edward raced in front of Bryce and ran through the trees down the winding path. As they ran, the breeze made Edwards' ears blow in the wind. They could taste the pleasant fresh air as their mouths hung open. Eventually, they ran out of breath so they stopped at a tree and had a rest. While they were sat at the base of the tree, they noticed the tweeting of the birds from above them.



The next day, Bryce and Edward started their journey to Memphis along the hard, dusty road. Beside the road, there were old gnarled trees that reminded Edward of Pellegrina. As he stared at them, he kept saying the names of the ones he had loved over and over again. Massive watery drops fell rushing down Bryce's face and slowly it kept going down till finally it hit the dusty, hard track before it evaporating up into the dry fresh morning air. The sunny sky started to create a steam, rising from the damp, dusty  ground, which was something Edward had never experienced before. Meanwhile as they were strolling across the road that was never ending Bryce started to hold Edward close but Edward didn’t mind he thought that it was soothing and reminded  him of Sarah-Ruth. She used to cradle him each night until he fell asleep but that dreadful night that she stopped breathing his heart started to crack and then he started to say… Sarah-Ruth if I could cry I would cry.

Edward Tulane Acrostic Poem


Abilene was scared like Edward.


Freezing cold water made Edward shiver. 


Reflection of the water shined bright.   


Abilene was aboard the ship.


Inside the ship were hordes of people shouting and screaming.


Deep in the Ocean was Edward.



Edward Tulane Acrostic Poem


All around inside the ocean was black as the night sky.


Felt wet and cold as ice, Brrr!!!


Rumbling and spinning deep down in the 


Angry water feeling like trousers in a washing machine. 


It’s scary to be alone and no one can hear me, only the thunder roars, Boom! Bang! and rain comes down.


Drip Drip! Splish Splash !



Edward Tulane Acrostic Poem


All around air is disappearing,


Falling to the bottom of the sea like the Titanic .


Round and round he goes,


At the bottom of the sea he lands, bang!


Inching upward with every wave, woosh!

Dreaming of seeing Abilene again.