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Nightingale Academy

Manor Junior School

Enjoy, Learn, Achieve


School Values

  • Friendship
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Determination
  • Inspiration
  • Courage
  • Equality

Acrostic Poems - Year 3



Massive living herbivore.

Animal with really long hair.

Men hunted this giant for their family and food.

Mega big teeth especially for munching grass.

Oversized living animal.

The mammoth’s teeth were used for jewellery.

He was very big and dangerous.




Together we live in a village

Raking the ground for our food

In the village we share everything 

Battling for our land sometimes  

Everyday we go hunting and making up new rhymes




Stonehenge is a wonderful sight.

There are stones laid out in the shape of a circle.

One day in the summer, and one in the winter, the stones line up with the sun.

Nobody knows the real reason it was built.

Each group of stones has a name.

History does not know why it is there, because it was built in prehistoric times.

Every year, lots of people travel to Whiltshire to see it.

Not sure, but the stones look quite heavy.

Genius archaeologists have different ideas about why it exists.

Even though I'm 8, I have never been to stonehenge.




My massive mammoth is brown

And always wears a crown

Maybe massive and scary

Maybe gentle and hairy 

Other mammoths are stinky

Though mine is clean and silky

Happy, friendly and gentle is how I remember my Mammoth whose name was Chocolate


Stone Age


Scraping animal hides clean

Tools made from stone

One morning I made the fire

Necklaces made from bones

Excited to learn new skills

At the river we catch fish

Gathering food for everyone 

Eating our dinner together