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Wednesday 15th February

Today is ted-tastic so far. I have only done the zip wire with Travelling Ted, ted, Haydon and Ryan. We went so fast I thought my fur was leaving my head!


Ryan and Ted Ted did the dead man pose whilst Haydon and I did the lying down grandpa whilst going down the zip wire. We're off to Matrix now. We're going to have a ted-tastic time cleaning quad bikes. See you soon diary.


Hugs, TT


I just did the Matrix. Teddy Law prohibits me from telling anyone the secrets of Matrix otherwise I'll be taken to court.




This afternoon was absolutely ted-citing, and I have not even had all my meals!! Imogen and Holly screamed on the Giant Swing (it was very GIANT) which travelled too fast for my Ted legs! I was so so scared as I flew through the air, fighting the cold rain. Holly held me tightly, I was so warm and snuggly inside her arm. She gave brilliant hugs, just like Mummy Bear. Unfortunately, I was taken by surprise when Imogen started to strangle me! She must've been excited, very excited. Why not? When we are at PGL everyone gets excited.


Before my Ted life came back to me, my ears came to surprise  me. "I believe I can fly..." the fmaous singoke was back! As we started to sing as we swung. Not for long though, as the session drew to a close and I squelched in mud off to archery. Ted top tip: never, ever jump in a muddy puddle in your Ted best clothes, trust me, it doesn't work out very well!


I was a little shocked with archery. My family have had some bad experiences with it in the past., especially Great Uncle Ted. When I was a young Ted bear, Great Uncle Ted took me for a ted-tastic woodland walk with my Mummy bear (Tedina) and my Daddy Bear (also called Ted). A HUGE, mean bear came storming through the branches and, before you knew it, BANG! It shot an arrow through Great Uncle Ted's arm! But I'm still going to give archery a try. The whole purpose of this adventure-full experience is to conquer your fears and worries.I'm going to stick to my Ted promise, no matter what I do.


I found the courage inside me to pick up the bow and arrow, I had a ted-mazing time. It actually wasn't as bad as I had first made out. My group played archery games until dinner came to a rapid start. My ted-paws stuffed my food in my mouth. My stomach was full to the brim after I had eaten all of my food.


Ted out.