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Tuesday 14th February

Today was the best day ever. I did all of the challenge trail and got to the green tape on Jacob's Ladder. This was a climbing based game when you had to see how far you could climb, but it got higher each time. I'm only a small ted!


After that, we did sensory trial. I was blindfolded and had to negotiate a muddy activity course by using my senses only. Being a slightly smaller Ted (I may have mentioned this already), it was very tricky to keep up. My Grandad Ted always says to walk tall, so I did and got round in the end. 


After a ted-tastic lunch, we went to the climbing wall. This was the tallest wall I'd ever seen (a bit like the Spinnaker Tower, but clearly not designed by a ted!). We had to negotiate the wall and it took me ages but I eventually got to the top where I could see my cabin from.

We had dinner and it was very ted-tasty. After dinner, we had an evening activity which was Wacky Races. This was a lot of different races and was totally ted-arious! I had such amazing fun and can't wait until tomorrow.