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Monday 13th February

Hi, I'm Travelling Ted and I'm back to share another ted-tactic experience on the Isle of Wight. I'm back with Manor Junior School and I can't wait as I had such a fun time last year.


We have just left from school and I am going to be travelling with Sophia for the first day. As we were leaving, all of the Year 6 parents were waving and blowing ted-tastic kisses and Sophia was NEARLY crying. It is sad to leave your family, but all good ted-ventures start this way and the excitement takes over!


After a round of top trumps on the coach with Emily, Eagle Radio came on and all Coach be started singing along to Hall of Fame, which is where this adventure will take us! I am having a ted-tastic boogie with Emily now, and I busted some ted-ectric moves in my seat - it was epic! I'd better get going now so I can get some rest for my adventures.

This is awesome!


I have just seen Portsmouth and it is only 10 minutes until we get onto the ferry. I have made a new friend called Zelda and she has a ted-tastic bow, and she is a doggie. We are just passing a little lake and it is beautiful in the sunshine, and I'm so relaxed about the adventure ahead. We have to go now as we are about park on the ferry. It's ferry big lol!


Eeeeeekkk!!! That was with excitement. As we left the port, we had a different view of the Spinnaker Tower. It was huge, with a sparkling glass floor that caught the sun's rays and looked extremely powerful as we crossed the chirpy waters. Sophia said she had been up there. My Great-Great-Great-Uncle Ted has also been on it, he was the first Ted to set foot up there as he helped build it. I want to be an architect when I'm older and build the biggest building in the world - a zillion times larger than me! I watched the tower fade away as we crossed the Solvent.


Wow! We've just ate lunch and I was nearly sick as the boat was rocking so much. It's not as calm this far out at sea. I shouldn't have been this sick though as my mum's auntie, MacTed, was a pirate and saw the Lock Ness Monster! Nothing should be as scary. Mr Gunn came over and asked if I was alright, of course I said yes. This is one of the best stories I will ever tell.



We just got to Little Canada and have met our groupies, Luke and Sammy. This place looks so much fun. I'm with Cabin 6 tonight, and Group 5 with Mrs Amos tomorrow.


I've just unpacked and am settling in with Sophia, Lauren, Georgia, Chloe, Tasha, Lucy, Emily and Ruby. We have all unpacked and I've changed into my awesome clothes. I'm on the top bunk with Sophia and we are just about to do an orientation of the site. It's massive!


Our group instructors are so fun and we have learnt some ted-tastic songs and where to meet for activities. Now we are in the dining hall and I've had a ted-hug with Emily and played with Sam for a bit. The food was tedlicious. We had an evening activity, which was great, but it's bedtime now and I need a lot of teddy-winks to get my energy up for the big day tomorrow.