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Eating & Sleeping

Little Canada


As every great traveller will tell you, eating and sleeping are an essential part of any explorer's prerequisites - I love a good bite to eat as much as I like investigating enigmatic landscapes or observing the open stars at night.


The food is ted-tastic! There is a great range of things for every Ted to enjoy at breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can even eat as much as you like which would please my Aunt Travelling Ted as she likes a lot to eat. My Top Ted Tip is keep eating and drinking as you'll need your energy, there's a lot happening over the week. I wonder what red squirrels eat?


Little Canada


Sleep is also essential as plenty of rest keeps you in tip-top shape for plenty of exploring. You don't actually spend too much time in the rooms, but they are a welcoming place for a little chill time and they look ted-tastic! The beds are comfy to rest your paws on and the showers are ted-aculate. Please remember to wash, exploring can be dirty work, as well as tiring.



I used my chill time to visit every room and make even more amazing friends, especially with all the other teds who come along with their friends. Travelling Teds are allowed to visit other dorms, it's a rule only for Teds. You'll have to respect the Dorm Rules, and respect each other (Big Top Ted Tip). You can also use dorm time with your team to plan your day and discuss all the activities you are going to do, or chat excitedly about all the things you have done already. As my Cousin Ted from Jamaica says: "Some of my great-est mates have come 'rom dorm time, we is chattin' abo't endless t'ings."