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Inter-House Cross Country 2014 


Hawks ran out as the overall clear winners of the Inter-House Cross Country event (so to speak), however the other positions were only decided over a handful of points. Falcons emerged as the Values Trophy winners in what was, as always, another closely contested competition alongside the main event.

A grand total of 273 children ran and the individual top 50 places for each year group were recorded, along with the top 10 boys and girls. The scoring system for cross country is a complicated process; it is the lowest scorers that ultimately gain the highest points! Results were collected for boys and girls for each year group, and then an overall year total was awarded. Finally, these were added together to give an overall score. Interestingly, lots of children who have been to Active Manor performed rather well during the event, however, a huge well done every child who took part and made this one of our most attended events in our Inter-House calendar.

Inter-House Cross Country

Individual Results


Year 3

1 Callum (3M, Hawks)

2 Max (3M, Hawks)

3 Charlie (3M, Harriers)


Year 4

1 James (4D, Hawks)

2 Haydon (4B, Harriers)

3 Callum (4B, Hawks)


Year 5

1 Kieran (5B, Eagles)

2 James (5C, Hawks)

3 Bailey (5B, Harriers)


Year 6

1 Bailey (6D, Hawks)

2 Kieron (6G, Eagles)

3 Owen (6G, Eagles)



Year 3

1 Isla (3D, Harriers)

2 Hannah (3M, Hawks)

3 Tilly (3M, Harriers)


Year 4

1 Annabel (4T, Harriers)

2 Ella (4D, Harriers)

3 Basmina (4B, Eagles)


Year 5

1 Sadie (5C, Hawks)

2 Caitlin (5N, Hawks)

3 Ellie (5C, Harriers)


Year 6

1 Tia (6D, Falcons)

2 Lucy (6G, Hawks)

3 Chanelle (6G, Harriers)