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The activities are absolutely ted-tastically amazing!! There is a huge range on offer, some a bit more exciting than others, some a bit more scarier than others. Actually,  there was so much to do that I was continually on my paws. The challenge is to do them all - very few people achieve this. My Top Ted Tip is to listen carefully to the instructors when they are talking about how to do them as you get more time on them if you do this.  For most of the activities you had to wear special equipment. In fencing you probably got to wear the most funniest gear.




Abseiling can be a little scary. It looks easy from the ground but when you get up and lean back, even I, a fearless adventurer, get butterflies in my tummy. This was no exception. I've been abseiling before, but I can never describe the feeling you get when you complete it. Here I climbed up first with one of my many friends (the Year 6 were very nice children) in my own special ted-sized harness which was made especially for me by a very kind instructor. I came back down singing all the way! Ted-tastic!!




I was so excited about having my own harness that I plucked up enough courage to abseil by myself. It was the first time I had done it alone, but I wasn't going to back out. I started off very slowly, concentrating on where to put my paws, but as I started to wall-walk I began to get more confident and even managed a few ted-leaps on the way down. It was a brilliant experience! I was so pleased when I reached the ground that I forgot to shout "rope free" and nearly ended up going back up with the rope! Would that be called upseiling?




Archery wasn't easy for a ted like me, I was nearly fired from a bow mistaken for an arrow. I ask you! I've never been so insulted. This was a sport that was fun to watch, but there were some hefty safety rules in play - this was the closest I was allowed to go which was probably a good thing (Ted kebabs are not nice). The targets looked easy to hit, but it was actually quite hard. It took me most of the morning to hit one.



Aeroball was simply Ted-tastic! You had to jump on a trampoline and throw a ball into your opponent's goal to score. I was so light I kept getting ted-a-pulted every time I hit the trampoline! After doing this, I was really tired, but we had to carry onto the next activity. We did zip-wire, and I threw myself off the ledge, zipping through the sky like Super Ted (who was my Great, Great Grand Ted). Then we stopped and I whizzed backwards before gradually stopping. This is the one activity you get to hang around for a bit.



Here I am during circus skills where I was trying to be like my Russian cousin, Juggling Bear Ted. It was pretty tricky and required all my concentration. However, eventually I succeeded and was able to show my performance to the rest of the group - who cheered and clapped me when I finished.


Circus Skills


This is the Giants Swing. You get pulled up by your group to as high as you want, then you can drop like you're on a huge, well, giant swing. I went higher than the red squirrels in the tallest trees and sang 'I Want To Be Like You' as I whooshed to the ground. I invented Swing-oke, it was Ted-tastic. See if you can sing when you do this. "Oh, I'm the King of the swingers, the jungle T.E.D. I've reached the top... "


Giants Swing


There are so many more Ted-tastic activities to mention, and so many more Ted-ificent experiences to talk about, but I'm a busy Ted  you know, always exploring, and I've got my paws on another adventure and need to go now.


The Year 6 will need to help me finish this when they go to the Isle of Wight.